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Fried Green Tomatoes 8

Fried Green Tomatoes

“All these people’ll live as long as you remember ’em.” – Jessica Tandy as Ninny Threadgoode

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Léon- The Professional 11

Léon: The Professional

“Is life always this hard, or is it just when you’re a kid?” – Natalie Portman as Mathilda

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The Agony and the Ecstasy 15

The Agony and the Ecstasy

“What do you think we should do here? Bramante wants to pull it down. He likes pulling things down! No, I want to do something less destructive.” – Rex Harrison as Pope Julius II

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Pitch Perfect 2 8

Pitch Perfect 2

“This could very well be the greatest conflict between America and Germany in our nation’s history!” – John Michael Higgins as John

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Hannah and Her Sisters 8

Hannah and Her Sisters

“A week ago I bought a rifle, I went to the store – I bought a rifle! I was gonna, you know, if they told me I had a tumor, I was gonna kill myself. The only thing that might-ve stopped me – MIGHT’VE – is that my parents would be devastated. I would have to shoot them also, first. And then I have an aunt and uncle – you know – it would’ve been a blood bath.” – Woody Allen as Mickey

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The Running Man 5

The Running Man

“I’ll be back…” – Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator… sorry, as Ben Richards

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Urban Cowboy 10

Urban Cowboy

“You know Bud; sometimes even a cowboy’s gotta swallow his pride to hold on to somebody he loves.” – Barry Corbin as Uncle Bob

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Dead Ringer 3

Dead Ringer

“I’ve gotten so I’m afraid to turn around for fear of what will happen next.” – Bette Davis as Margaret DeLorca

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