Cleaner (2007): A great film about dirty secrets.

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Today I found a gem in the archives of Netflix. This 2007 film starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ed Harris is a great watch. Eva Mendes and Luis Guzman also take on roles in the film and work out wonderfully.

The story follows Tom Cutler (Jackson) a retired cop who cleans crime scenes for a living. While on a routine job he stumbles into a crime scene that no one seems to know about. Later he realizes that he might have just covered up a crime when the owner of the home Ann Norcut (Mendes) reports her husband missing. His old partner Eddie Lorenzo (Harris) and a tough detective (Guzman) get involved as they realize that Tom might have been there. Meanwhile Tom is forced to confront the fact that the missing man was also an informant preparing to testify in a police corruption scandal. The story is anything but clean as it plays out in this emotional thriller.

I like this film for several reasons. First is the acting, each of the actors did a great job. The story was also well-written leaving me in suspense about a lot of things. Finally, I really enjoyed the way the scenes were filmed and the sets were designed. The style of work really lent itself to the film.

There was a certain amount of predictability but not enough to ruin the ending. If you have Netflix it’s definitely worth watching if you like mysteries.

Rating: R

Running Time: 88 minutes


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