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This has been a year of surprises for me in film, 50/50 is no exception as it brings out a different skill set in both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. The film also features veteran actress Anjelica Huston and Anna Kendrick (Twilight).

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars with Seth Rogen in this dramatic story about the struggles that come with being diagnosed with cancer. Adam, a 27 year-old radio worker who is diagnosed with a rare cancer faces a grim prognosis with a 50 percent chance of a cure. The shock of this diagnosis is overwhelming to his girlfriend as well as his mother (Huston) who both struggle to cope with the reality of the situation. He has support from his best friend Kyle (Rogen) who works to keep Adam positive throughout treatment. The highs and lows throughout the film are dramatic. As Adam goes through the process he’s forced to face his own mortality and the relationships he has with those around him. In the end it’s a movie about cancer that doesn’t dwell on the disease or on fear. It’s an amazing story written by Will Reiser who drew from his own cancer diagnosis.

This is a captivating film that deals with a rough subject without making itself dark or sad. The emotional transformation of Adam wis wonderfully done by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Each turn in the process of treatment brings a new reality to the table that is addressed expertly. Gordon-Levitt is wonderful in his portrayal of a young man being betrayed by his body. The raw emotion is believable and touching.

Rogen makes his own brand of acting work within the subject. Despite his crude attitude towards everything he carries some unknown redeeming value that works throughout the film.

As a whole this is a great movie. From the acting to the soundtrack it’s well put together and kept me glued for every minute. I would strongly recommend this newly released film to anyone who loves drama.

Rating: R

Running Time: 100 minutes


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