Baseball – A Film By Ken Burns

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When it comes to the game of baseball I can get a bit sentimental. I still remember my first A’s game in Oakland, what a feeling as the field came into view as we walked to our seats. Since then I’ve had the chance to see some of the game’s greats at beautiful stadiums. I’ve always known that baseball was an important part of what America is, and now I’ve found an eloquent and amazing film to help explain it.

Ken Burns has captured the American pastime better than I’ve ever seen. From the early days of the game through today Burns documents the evolution of the game and the players that became legend along the way. The series originally aired on PBS and featured 11 episodes that span the 120 plus years of baseball history. Needless to say, I’m not sure I can explain how wonderfully done this film is. From the research to the interviews with unknown people and celebrities the film captures the views of many sides of the baseball world. In addition to the stars of the game the film also explores the lesser known pioneers that pushed the game into the 20th century and beyond. Some of the highlights include images of the players from the 19th century, stories from the Negro Leagues, and footage from some of the earliest filmed games.

I’ve studied the game and this film made me feel like I have barely scratched the surface. Some of the unsung heroes of the game were brought to life for me. I was also able to understand the minds of some of baseball’s greatest stars. I would recommend this series for anyone who has an interest in the game of baseball. The film brought to life some of the stories from baseball past as well as some of the moments I recall from my childhood. Once again Ken Burns continued in his excellence with this incredible documentary.

If you have Netflix you can view all 11 episodes on disc or by streaming.


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