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I'm not a film critic, but I'll tell you what I think about the movies I watch. I enjoy understanding the history behind the movies we watch, as well as the collaborative effort necessary to produce movies.

The Debt

Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson star in this suspenseful drama directed by John Madden. The film is actually a remake of a 2007 Israeli film of the same name. The story shows both the past and present lives of three Mossad agents tasked with hunting down an accused Nazi war criminal. In the past they endured the sacrifices of their mission. In the present the trio were forcedĀ  to question the success of the mission that made them famous.

I found this film to be intriguing and with a great story line. The costuming and set design worked well with the locations throughout the film. Helen Mirren delivered another great performance, as did the rest of the cast.

My main criticism of this film is the pace. I’m not sure if it was the editing or the writing, but the film seemed to move at a choppy pace that made it feel awkward at times. It doesn’t change my opinion of the film too much, just an observation for those reading who might not enjoy slower paced films.

I give The Debt 4 stars out of 5.

Rating: R

Running Time: 104 minutes


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