Jimmy Stewart: Made for Each Other (1939)

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1939 was a big year for James Maitland Stewart. In addition to his Oscar nomination he was also selected by the New York Film Critics Circle as the Actor of the Year. To top it off, he starred in this lighthearted romantic comedy opposite Carole Lombard, titled Made for Each Other.

The film shares the story of marriage between John, a young lawyer played by Stewart, and Jane. They met one day and were married the next. Now they have to adjust to life with an unhappy mother-in-law and a new baby. Things continue to be tough as John tries to climb the corporate ladder with his new family in tow.  Jane is there to encourage and support him as he fights to make their lives better. Tragedy threatens their family and in the end they find out whether or not they are Made for Each Other.

The acting is great, Lombard is especially good at playing the new wife and mother. Her trials with her overbearing mother-in-law are classic. She would go on to have a marvelous career that was tragically cut short when she died at 33. Some of her great films included My Man Godfrey and To Be or Not To Be.

The film was directed by John Cromwell who also directed Since You Went Away which was nominated for 9 Oscars in 1944.

For Stewart this was another step towards greatness. In 1939 he would also be in the great western Destry Rides Again. Before 1940 Stewart had made a name for himself in Hollywood. The war would take him away from this career soon, but until then he would continue with great roles in wonderful films.


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