Wall Street

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Wall Street

Directed by Oliver Stone

Starring: Oliver Stone, Charlie Sheen, Tamara Tunie, Hal Holbrook, Martin Sheen

In 1987 Oliver Stone made a film that would go on to win Michael Douglas a Best Actor Academy Award. In addition to Douglas the film starred Charlie Sheen in one of his best performances. The film hasn’t aged as well as some but still stands up as a great film. I would consider this to be near the top of Oliver Stone’s achievements.

The story finds Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), a motivated young stock broker looking for a way to make it big. Fox spends his time working the system and trying to get in with the mogul Gordon Gekko (Douglas). Gekko has it all, he’s a Wall Street symbol of money and greed. Bud is soon forced to take his work into the insider trading world as he seeks to live like Gekko. The success comes quick as Bud finds himself with the money, the cars, and the girls. Despite all of the success Bud is at odds with his blue-collar father (Martin Sheen) who despises the way his son makes a living. His father is able to see past the flashy lifestyle and into the dark world his son is a part of. As Bud Fox realizes the cost of his social-climbing he’s forced to face the consequences of his choices.

This film is dated in many ways but it still manages to get the point across. Oliver Stone made a great film with this look at the greed behind the world of Wall Street. The acting is incredible. This movie shows all of the promise that Charlie Sheen once had. It also gives us one of the best performances of Michael Douglas’s career. In addition to these two stars, the film features great performances by the other actors in the film.

I also appreciate the world that Stone creates for Gekko. The man is well-dressed and lives in a seemingly untouchable world. In 1987 this films shows Gekko as a man with everything. It makes a powerful argument for the choices that Bud Fox makes as he seeks to climb the social ladder.

This is an interesting film that has a good pace and an interesting story. The point it drives at has remained relevant which might be why this film still works today. I would recommend this film for anyone who appreciates a fast-paced drama. I give this film 3.7 stars out of 5.

Rating: R

Running Time: 126 minutes


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