The Muppets

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The Muppets

Directed by James Bobin

Starring: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper

The Muppets are back! This year the Muppets are on the screen again with The Muppets starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and Chris Cooper. In addition to these three stars the film is filled with cameo appearances. Director James Bobin does a great job bringing his R-rated Flight of the Conchords skills to this PG film.┬áLike all great Muppet movies this film also features musical numbers with new songs and some of the old ones too. In the end it’s a chance for a new generation to see who the Muppets really are.

The movie follows Gary (Segel), Mary (Adams), and Walter from Smalltown, USA to Los Angeles. Their plan is to tour Hollywood and the Muppets Studio. When they arrive they are shocked to find the studio in disrepair and on the verge of being destroyed. The new owner Tex Richman (Cooper) is planning to level the studio to make way for oil wells. Now the trio must inspire the Muppets and raise 10 million dollars to save the studio and the Muppets themselves.

This is a fun family film. The songs are great and the dancing is fun. Segel and Adams are surprisingly enjoyable to hear and see as they run through several new songs. Who knew that Segel could dance?

The film also acknowledges that it’s been a while since the Muppets have been around. The film sometimes feels like they really just took out the Muppets and dusted them off for the new movie. This really adds to the fun of the film.

The jokes are fun and the limits are never pushed past the PG rating the film is given. I would recommend this one for anyone and everyone who remembers the Muppets with fondness. It might even leave you saying “What the wocka?” I don’t have a lot to say except that I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane. The film kept just enough of the originals in it to be loyal to the beginnings of the Muppets. I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: PG

Running Time: 98 minutes


  1. Longtime Muppet fans will undoubtedly have more fun than young ones, but for the most part, it’s a witty, delightful romp, that shows you that you can still be funny, without ever being mean still in 2011. Good review.


  2. Good point about it being really family friendly even though it’s made by people used to R rated material. It’s funny who can created perfectly sweet stuff while Dreamworks’ family stuff always sneaks some dirty joke in there “for the adults”.


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