Did You See That One? -7X7 Link Award Nomination

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As the end of the year approaches I’m in awe at how much writing I’ve done. Apparently I’ve been noticed by some of the people in the blogging world. Matt from Matt & the Art of Motion Pictures has nominated me for the 7X7 Link Award. I’ll be honest I’m not too familiar with the award but I’m excited to know that someone nominated this site for anything good.

Part of the nomination requires me to share a few things about myself, seven to be exact.

1. I was born and raised in the great state of California.

2. I work for the Disney company.

3. I am married, have been for over 5 years now.

4. I have a basset hound named Indiana. (Name that movie reference….)

5. I don’t have a favorite movie because that would require choosing just one.

6. I love the visual arts world.

7. I hate onions and everything they stand for.

I’ve also been asked to choose some of my links to fit into categories. This might be a bit of a stretch since I write about one thing, movies. Here goes:

Most Beautiful Piece: This is really up to the readers. If my ego had to choose it might pick (500) Days of Summer a movie I love and a review I put a lot of love into.

Most Helpful Piece: The Christmas Classics page was probably the only work I did specifically to help people. I hoped to give people a few more options when they sat down to watch a holiday film.

Most Popular Piece: Surprisingly Home Alone was the most viewed review I did this year. I guess some classics never die.

Most Controversial Piece: Until the Light Takes Us was a powerful documentary with a dark controversy surrounding it.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece: As stated above Home Alone did more than I ever expected. The next might have been Singing in the Rain which had quite a nice response.

Most Underrated Piece: Moneyball might be the underrated review of the year for me. This was a great film but the review has gone unnoticed by most.

Most Pride Worthy Piece: I would guess that my favorite review this year was actually the series I did on Jimmy Stewart and his life in films.

Finally I need to make a few nominations of my own. Here are seven sites you should see. I’ve put then in alphabetical order to avoid any questions about ranking. I like them all.

Another Plot Device

Canadian Cinephile

The Fanosphere


Matt & the Art of Motion Pictures


The Pattie Project

In Conclusion:

I’m not sure what the 7X7 Award means for this page. Even if it’s nothing more than a way to share other pages I’m glad for the nomination. I hope that the coming year might bring more of you back to this page for the reviews and insights I hope to offer.


  1. Honestly, i’m not sure what it means either, the other WordPress awards (Kreativ Blogger, Versatile Blogger) are pretty self explanatory, but this one…. I just don’t know haha.


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