Ken Burns’ America: Huey Long

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Ken Burns’ America: Huey Long (1985)

Directed by Ken Burns

This film is one more example of PBS and Ken Burns combining forces and making documentary magic. This time it’s the story of Huey Long, the controversial and popular Louisiana politician. As stated on

“He was hailed as a champion of the poor and reviled as a dictator. Louisiana’s Huey Long rose to Governor and U.S. Senator on a platform of social reform and justice, all the while employing graft and corruption to get what he wanted. Ken Burns reveals a complex and comprehensive portrait of the man, his politics and the power he so obsessively sought.”

This is another great film by Ken Burns. The images, film clips, and interviews bring this incredible true story back to life. During his career, Long advocated the distribution of wealth, all the while amassing power that would bring all of his motives into question. The documentary includes footage of Long making some of his more impassioned speeches. It also features interviews with his supporters and family, as well as those who despised him.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ken Burns or my reviews of his other films, I hope you’ll check out my Ken Burns page. He’s made a career out of educating people with some of the most in-depth documentaries ever made. I give this documentary 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Running Time: 88 minutes

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