What is the best movie series of all-time? You decide!

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  1. In regards to sustained quality across the board: The Lord of the Rings

    In regards to highest peak of any individual film: The Godfather


    1. I think you make two great points. I went with the Godfather for the simple fact that it is so timeless. We don’t know what The Lord of the Rings will be in 30 years.


  2. It was brought to my attention that I could have, and possibly should have, added Mission: Impossible to the list. Definitely a big omission on my part. I also wonder if I should have added in the 007 films. Your thoughts?


  3. James Bond would have been a good option, for longevity alone. Some others that come to mind: The Thin Man, Die Hard, Alien.


    1. So many to choose from, I appreciate all the added suggestions. Bond is a hard one for me since there has been little consistency other than the name of the title character.


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