Life of Pi

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Life of Pi (2012)

Directed by Ang Lee

Starring: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan

A young man (Sharma) is lost at sea following a disaster that took everything he had. Now he’s drifting at sea with a Bengal tiger who he begins to bond with. Now he’s forced to face the reality of his situation and also contemplate the meaning of what has happened.

This movie is based on the book of the same name written by Yann Martel that was published in 2001. The film adaptation comes from the director Ang Lee. Lee is an Oscar-winning director behind films like Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The star of the film is Suraj Sharma, who made his acting debut with this role. The film also includes Irrfan Khan (Slumdog Millionaire), Adil Hussain (Lessons in Forgetting), and Rafe Spall (Prometheus).

This is an amazing movie from a visual standpoint. The Ang Lee touch is evident as he seems to paint each scene with immense detail and wonderful colors. The camera work comes together nicely with the coloring to really make every scene feel magical.

The acting in this movie really surprised me. I wasn’t too familiar with any of the names in the film. Each of the actors did a great job. The biggest surprise of the film is the young Suraj Sharma, who brought the whole film to life. He displayed a ton of skill and really made this a great film. For much of the movie he was the only actor on the screen, and he managed to keep the emotion going in amazing ways. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the list of nominees for some very big awards this winter.

This movie has a very powerful set of themes that it attempts to address. The essence of spirituality and religion flows throughout the story in a beautiful way. In the end I was left with a lot of questions and a lot to think about. These aren’t the type of questions that hurt a film, the movie was intended to make viewers think. Between the powerful visuals and these thought-provoking themes, this movie is a wonderful work of art.

This might not be the movie for everyone. The story is very tragic and the message is very deep. There is a redeeming quality to the film that comes from these moments and the messages being delivered. For anyone who likes cerebral films, this one should be on your list to see. It’s a powerful experience and if you can see it in 3-D it’s even more impressive as a visual work. I give this one 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Rating: PG

Running Time: 127 minutes


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