Big Hero 6

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Big Hero 6 1Big Hero 6 (2014)

Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams

Based on character created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau

Story by Paul Briggs and Joseph Mateo

Screenplay by Jordan Roberts and Daniel Gerson

Starring: Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr., Genesis Rodriguez, James Cromwell, Alan Tudyk, Maya Rudolph

Hiro Hamada (Potter) finds an unlikely ally in Baymax (Adsit), the robot his brother designed and built. When a tragedy forces him to reach out, Hiro joins forces with a group of scientists who are trying to become heroes. Now, alongside Baymax, this team is hoping to save their city from a dangerous masked villain.

Big Hero 6 9This is an incredibly entertaining story based on characters created by Steven T. Seagle (Ultimate Spider-Man) and Duncan Rouleau (Gormiti). The story was put together by Paul Briggs (Frozen) and Joseph Mateo (Meet the Robinsons), with the screenplay completed by Jordan Roberts (Around the Bend), Robert L. Baird (Cars), and Daniel Gerson (Monster’s University). The movie was directed by Don Hall (Winnie the Pooh) and Chris Williams (Bolt).

Big Hero 6 6The voice work for this film was done by a number of great actors. The stars include Scott Adsit (The Italian Job), Ryan Potter (Senior Project), Daniel Henney (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and T.J. Miller (Transformers: Age of Extinction). The cast also features Jamie Chung (The Hangover Part III), Damon Wayans Jr. (The Other Guys), and Genesis Rodriguez (Tusk). In addition, James Cromwell (The Artist), Alan Tudyk (Wreck-It Ralph), and Maya Rudolph (Gattaca) round out this talented bunch.

Big Hero 6 7The story for this one traces back to the first appearance of the Big Hero 6, in a comic book series, in 1998. The screenplay and the characters come from a large team of great writers that have had success in many different areas of film making. The end result is a quick-paced story with a lot of action and a set of incredibly designed characters. The story has a great villain, and a number of comedic moments that work perfectly for a Pixar film. This one is soon to join the long list of successful films that Disney and Pixar have gotten together on.

Big Hero 6 5This is a wonderfully acted movie. The voice work does such a great job giving each of the characters a unique voice and a wonderful personality. It’s nice to have such a wide variety of stars involved in giving these characters life. The end result is a story that works because the characters are so easy to like. While some of this is the story, much of it is the delivery from the actors involved.

BIG HERO 6The visuals in this movie are awesome. Pixar continues to come up with new and better ways to tell a story through pictures. The character designs are unique and fun. The action sequences are intense and entertaining. The setting is a unique vision of a future world. Overall, this one does everything you hope for in a Disney/Pixar collaboration.

Big Hero 6 3This is just a great movie for all ages. It has a great story and wonderful characters. Like most great animated films, this one speaks to children and adults. If you like animated films, this is one to see. I would also recommend this one to fans of comic book films. This should also appeal to people who love the actors involved. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: PG

Running Time: 102 Minutes


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