The Rock

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The Rock 1The Rock (1996)

Directed by Michael Bay

Based on the story by David Weisberg and Douglas Cook

Screenplay by David Weisberg, Douglas Cook, Mark Rosner

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery, Ed Harris, David Morse

The F.B.I. is on the move when a disillusioned general (Harris) threatens the city of San Francisco with a chemical attack. While the general and his team of rogue soldiers set up shop on Alcatraz, Special Agent Stanley Goodspeed (Cage) is called in to help. He’s being assisted by a mysterious former resident (Connery) of the retired prison as they seek to save the lives of the people in the city.

The Rock 2This action thriller is based on a story developed by David Weisberg (Double Jeopardy) and Douglas Cook (Holy Matrimony). The pair also assisted Mark Rosner (Blue Bloods) in writing the screenplay. The film was directed by Michael Bay (Transformers: Age of Extinction). The cast includes Sean Connery (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Nicolas Cage (The Croods), Ed Harris (Frontera), and David Morse (The Indian Runner).

The Rock 5This story seems perfect for a Michael Bay film. There are plenty of plot holes, but the writing keeps such a quick pace that there’s little time to notice. Like most action films from the 1990s, this one has a ton of over-the-top dialogue that fits in nicely with the wild premise. The characters are more like caricatures of more common people, with every detail being pushed into the extreme. All of this sounds like it might be a terrible movie, but surprisingly it still works. The action sequences written into the film allow for a lot of extremes in other areas of the film. While this isn’t a movie that makes you think much, it does offer a wild ride thanks to some fun writing.

The Rock 3The acting in this one fits in with the story. Cage and Connery both play characters with a number of unique qualities. These two men also have some great chemistry together. Throughout the movie they are constantly interacting. This is fun since the characters are so different from one another. Ed Harris does a great job as well. His role, as a somewhat conflicted villain, is fun to watch. The film also features a number of good performances from the rest of the cast. People like David Morse bring a lot to this one. The acting in this one wasn’t going to win any major awards, but it does a good job with the material.

The Rock 7The technical aspects of this film can’t be ignored. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound. In addition, the special effects, stunts, and other visual effects are done wonderfully. With such an intense and large-scale premise, this one brings all the right visuals to the table. As mentioned before, the pace of this one keeps things going at a ridiculous pace. The visuals help to keep that working nicely. Overall, this is a solid movie from a production standpoint.

The Rock 4This film isn’t going to force you to think much, but it will entertain anyone in for a good action-filled experience. The story has issues, but the acting holds up pretty well. If you’re a fan of the stars in this one, it’s worth checking out. I would also recommend this to anyone who wants to see some action. I give this one 3 out of 5 stars.

Rating: R

Running Time: 136 Minutes


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