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sully-6Sully (2016)

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Based on the book “Highest Duty” by Chelsey Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow

Screenplay by Todd Komarnicki

Starring: Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney

The story of Chelsey Sullenberger and the 154 other people who survived a water landing on the Hudson River in 2009.

sly_rl05_v10.6_grdfinal_rec709legal.00435111.tiffThis film is based on the autobiographical account written by Chelsey Sullenberger and author Jeffrey Zaslow titled “Highest Duty”. The movie was written by screenwriter Todd Komarnicki (Resistance), and directed by Clint Eastwood (American Sniper). The film stars Tom Hanks (Saving Mr. Banks), Aaron Eckhart (Paycheck), and Laura Linney (Absolute Power).

sully-7This film is based in the incredible true story of the 2009 US Airways flight that landed on the Hudson River. The story focuses on the life of Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, and his experiences both during and after the heroic landing. The writing does a nice job of bringing out the drama without being too sappy. The characters are nicely written, with a sense of authenticity that this one really needed. Much like American Sniper, this is another Eastwood film that tackles a true story with finesse. The story does periodically push drama where there might not have really been much (or any), but it still plays well. Overall, this is a nicely written screenplay that holds up well on the screen.

sully-3The acting throughout this movie does a nice job with the material. The talented Tom Hanks leads the way throughout this movie. His performance seems to embody the humble and somewhat reluctant hero, Sully. Hanks also seemed to connect well with the emotions that Sully must’ve been feeling with so many lives in his hands. Hanks also connected well with fellow actors Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney. Linney also did a nice job connecting to the emotions behind the story. Aaron Eckhart delivered a great performance that not only helped with the drama, but also the lighter moments of the movie. The entire cast did a great job connecting with the intensity of the action scenes, and the drama throughout the entire story.

sully-1This is a nicely made film that really brought out the right amount of drama. The visuals don’t do too much with the water landing, allowing the movie to feel authentic. The movie also seemed to seek out the right emotional tones of every scene. A nice score and solid production work add to the success of the film.

sully-5Fans of true stories or intense drama should check this one out. I would also suggest this one to fans of the stars. This movie is a bit melodramatic at times, but avoids being sappy our overdone. I would also suggest this to fans of Eastwood, who once again succeeded in bringing out the emotions of real life situations. I give this one 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 96 Minutes


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