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loving-2Loving (2016)

Written and directed by Jeff Nichols

Starring: Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon, Will Dalton

Richard (Edgerton) and Mildred (Negga), an interracial couple, find themselves facing legal action over their marriage. Their decision to fight the charges brings a new set of challenges as they seek justice.

loving-4This film is based on the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving and the court battles they fought to defend their marriage. The movie was written and directed by Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special). The film stars Ruth Negga (World War Z), Joel Edgerton  (Warrior), Michael Shannon (Man of Steel), and Will Dalton (24 Hour Love).

loving-5This is a very great telling of a powerful true story. The writing gets right into the source of the conflict before easing into a series of scenes that really set up the rest of the movie. This includes some great moments that really give the setting a genuine feel. The best aspect of the film is the way that the characters are written. Instead of a movie between villains and victims, we get an honest array of differing opinions. Each of the characters has different motivations and opinions that come out in the right moments. This also helps to keep the feeling of constant conflict going throughout the film. This one does seem to miss some opportunities with the payoffs, but it’s a solid script.

loving-8The acting in this film features a number of very good performances. Ruth Negga delivers a powerful and emotional role as Mildred Loving. Her acting seems to embody the emotional roller coaster that the whole family must have been experiencing. She also connected wonderfully with Joel Edgerton. His performance is slightly more subdued, but also plays into the emotional tones of the story. Together they make a convincing couple that you want to root for. Some of the other actors bring nice performances to the table as well. Will Dalton and Michael Shannon are just a couple of the actors who were featured throughout this one. Overall, this has some strong work from the cast. For her performance, Ruth Negga was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

loving-3This movie creates the era of the story with great skill. The sets, locations, and costuming all feel genuine to the story. The film also features great work from cinematographer Adam Stone (Take Shelter). Composer David Wingo (Mud) created great music to accent the story. This one features great work from the entire production team, and nothing seems to be out of place.

This is a powerful story that fans of biographical films should check out. I would also suggest this to fans of films like Hidden Figures. Fans of the stars should also make sure to check this one out. The stars in this one do nice work, and their fans will appreciate the performances. I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 123 Minutes


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