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Jubal (1956)

Directed by Delmer Daves

Based on the novel Jubal Troop by Paul Wellman

Screenplay by Delmer Daves, Russell S. Hughes

Starring: Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Valerie French, Rod Steiger, Charles Bronson, Felicia Farr

When a new ranch foreman (Ford) rejects the advances of the boss’s wife (French), he finds himself in a dangerous situation.

This film is based on the 1939 Paul Wellman (The Walls of Jericho) novel , Jubal Troop. The screenplay was written by Russell S. Hughes (Sugarfoot) and Delmer Daves (Broken Arrow). Delmer Daves also directed the movie. The cast includes Glenn Ford (Gilda), Ernest Borgnine (Marty), Valerie French (The 27th Day), Rod Steiger (On the Waterfront), Charles Bronson (Once Upon a Time in the West), and Felicia Farr (The Player).

This is a much more complicated story than good versus evil. Like a lot of great westerns from the 1950s, this one develops some great characters with a wide range of motives. The opening moments of the film are strong, and the story builds quickly from there. The relationships between the people are key to this one, and they are nicely written and very complicated. There are also some great twists late in the film that help give the payoff a lot of punch. This story has the kind of drama and tension that you might find in classic film noir, but it lives in the expansive world of westerns.

This cast does a wonderful job bringing this one to life. Glenn Ford leads the film with a performance that really brings out the moral core of his character. He also finds just the right connection with Rod Steiger to bring out their contentious relationship. Steiger was the right choice for his role in this one. His performance is gritty and angry, and adds a layer of tension to the story. Ernest Borgnine also does good work in this movie. Valerie French does some great work with her role in this one. She connects with her co-stars and brings out the right chemistry to keep the action moving. Charles Bronson and Felicia Farr also do nice work throughout this one. Overall, the stars do great work bringing this story to life.

This movie is beautifully shot. Cinematographer Charles Lawton Jr. (The Lady from Shanghai) did a wonderful job capturing the natural beauty of the shooting locations near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The camera work also helps to highlight the contrast between the setting and the story. The use of shadows really helps the tone of the film. The movie also features a fantastic score, composed by David Raksin (Forever Amber). This one looks and sounds very good, and makes the overall experience a memorable one. If you’re a fan of westerns you need to check this out. I would also suggest this to fans of film noir and dark drama. Fans of the stars should also check this one out. I give this one 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: Not Rated

Running Time: 100 Minutes

If you’re looking for a chance to see this one you can click the poster below. The Criterion Collection release is wonderfully done. 

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