Who’s watching all these movies?

In 2003 I took a film class call International Film Masterpieces at Sierra College in Rocklin, California from Professor Hunter. The following semester I took the American Film Masterpieces class from the same professor. These two classes brought all my feelings about film to the surface. I started keeping notes on some of my favorite films and also started searching for the films that would make an impression on me. Over the years I’ve discovered films from all over the world that have touched me, made me laugh, made me cry, scared me, or just entertained me. Now I’ve got a chance to share some of the films  love with people from all over thanks to the miracle of the internet.

I love art and great visuals. Some of my favorite films are the epic films of the Hollywood studio era when directors like John Ford were giving us a new view of the world through a lens. I’m a lover of music as well. The soundtrack to a film can bring it from a good film to a great film. Music has definitely become a big part of my reviews.

If you’re looking for analysis on the technical side of films you’ll be disappointed with this site. My objective is to tell you a bit about the story and highlight the aspects of the film that worked and didn’t work for me. Sometimes I’ll get to go into the history of the film or my history with the film. In the end I hope to encourage and inspire people to see some of the films I have reviewed.

My rating system… it’s not scientific.

0-1 Stars: This is a film I likely didn’t finish. An example might be: Birdemic (2010)

1-2 Stars: This is a film that didn’t do anything for me. More likely than not I wasn’t entertained. For example: Tropic Thunder (2008)

2-3 Stars: These films are the ones that I enjoy but I’m not sure I’ll watch again (maybe if I get bored). Example: Saint Ralph (2004)

3-4 Stars: These are where most films seem to fall for me. These are films with a good story, good acting, and repeat value. This set of films will be a broad range for me since a lot of my guilty pleasures find their way in. An example of this is: The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

4-5 Stars: Ladies and gentlemen, the Oscar goes to….. most of these films are the ones I admire and love. Some of them have been awarded for their efforts and some are the diamonds in the rough. This list includes: The Godfather (1972), The King’s Speech (2010), Up (2009)

In the end this rating is merely to give you an idea of how I felt about the film. Some films don’t get a rating, my Jimmy Stewart series is an example of this. I didn’t rate them since it should be obvious that I’m a huge fan of the films based on the fact that they made the series.

I hope that this site gets you to watch a film or two that you might not have. I hope it gets you thinking about what keeps you going to the movies.

I hope you have fun with this like I do.

– Jeff


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