Did You See That One?

Jimmy Stewart: You Can’t Take It With You (1938)

Once again Stewart was handed a role almost written for him. He had the ability to play the rich man or poor man with such ease that the films become natural in feeling. As the world headed for war this film seemed to be an escape as it focused on the small things, small values in life. It’s an amazing film that feels relevant even today.

Jimmy Stewart: Next Time We Love (1936)

Made in 1936, this is a classic story of love which pairs Jimmy Stewart alongside Margaret Sullavan as Christopher and Cicely. As a young couple their life together is tested when he is assigned to work overseas and she finds fame on the stage. Despite diving into marriage, the couple find that they’ve got aspirations on opposite sides of the globe which create an emotional rollercoaster.

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

This is a film that caught me by surprise. The nature of human beings and the long-term results of actions taken are both investigated throughout the movie. Bowie does a wonderful job playing a man ruined but looking for salvation. Tom Conti is amazing as Mr. Lawrence. His emotional portrayal of a man who is isolated from everyone around him is perfect.