Did You See That One?

The Ballad of Jack and Rose

Daniel Day-Lewis plays a role that feels very natural and succeeds in every way. The young Camilla Belle takes on her role wonderfully as she portrays a character who matures throughout the film.

J. Edgar

Hoover would spend his career protecting his country, his office, and his personal life from those he considered threats. This is, as the film puts it is time “to re-clarify the difference between hero and villain.” This controversial figure is brought to life in this amazing movie.

A Single Man

A year ago George Falconer lost his love of 16 years when Jim died in a car accident. Now as he seeks to move on he finds himself stuck in neutral. Today he’s decided to kill himself.

Wall Street

This is an interesting film that has a good pace and an interesting story. The point it drives at has remained relevant which might be why this film still works today.