Classic Musical Films

With The Jazz Singer in 1927, the musical film era began. Since then countless movies have been made, some of them original stories, others adapted from the stage. Currently musicals are on the rise again with movies like Sweeney Todd and Mamma Mia!. This page will look back on some of the classic musicals from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

1941 – Pot O Gold

1951 – An American in Paris

1952 – Singing in the Rain

Guys and Dolls 1

1955 – Guys and Dolls

Funny Face 11957 – Funny Face

West Side Story 11961 – West Side Story

The Sound of Music 11965 – The Sound of Music

Oliver! 1

1968 – Oliver!

1979 – All That Jazz

The Blues Brothers 11980 – The Blues Brothers

Chicago 12002 – Chicago

La La Land movie Poster

2016 – La La Land

 The Greatest Showman 7

2017 – The Greatest Showman


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