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The Hunger

“Are you making a pass at me, Mrs. Blaylock?” – Susan Sarandon as Sarah Roberts

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The Big Chill

“Amazing tradition. They throw a great party for you on the one day they know you can’t come.” – Jeff Goldblum as Michael

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“I know a lot about you. I know you weren’t always like this. What was the last thing you cared about?” – Matthew Broderick as David

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Staying Alive

“Everybody uses everybody, don’t they?” – John Travolta as Tony Manero

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The Outsiders

“I used to talk about killing myself all the time, man. But I don’t wanna die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t gonna be long enough.” – Ralph Maccio as Johnny

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Terms of Endearment

“I know you like me. I know it. For the last year or two, you’ve been pretending like you hate me. I love you very much. I love you as much as I love anybody, as much as I love myself.” – Debra Winger as Emma Horton

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Christmas Classics: A Christmas Story

As you open your gifts this year just remember that it could be a pink nightmare under the tree. This should make every gift a little bit better.

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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

This is a film that caught me by surprise. The nature of human beings and the long-term results of actions taken are both investigated throughout the movie. Bowie does a wonderful job playing a man ruined but looking for salvation. Tom Conti is amazing as Mr. Lawrence. His emotional portrayal of a man who is isolated from everyone around him is perfect.

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