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Hail, Caesar!

“It’s part of the job, miss.” – Jonah Hill as Joseph Silverman

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Bridge of Spies

“Every person matters.” – Tom Hanks as James Donovan

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No Country for Old Men

“Whatcha got ain’t nothin new. This country’s hard on people, you can’t stop what’s coming, it ain’t all waiting on you. That’s vanity.” – Barry Corbin as Ellis

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Blood Simple

“If you point a gun at someone, you’d better make sure you shoot him, and if you shoot him you’d better make sure he’s dead, because if he isn’t then he’s gonna get up and try to kill you.” – John Getz as Ray

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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

“You seek a great fortune, you three who are now in chains. You will find a fortune, though it will not be the one you seek. But first… first you must travel a long and difficult road, a road fraught with peril. Mm-hmm. You shall see thangs, wonderful to tell.” – Lee Weaver as The Blind Seer

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True Grit (2010)

“People do not give it credence that a young girl could leave home and go off in the wintertime to avenge her father’s blood. But it did happen. I was just 14 years of age when a coward by the name of Tom Chaney shot my father down and robbed him of his life.” – Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross

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Inside Llewyn Davis

“If it was never new, and it never gets old, then it’s a folk song.” – Oscar Isaac as Llewyn Davis

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Coming Soon: Fall and Winter of 2013 – Part II

More of what’s coming to theaters soon. And more of why I think you should see it.

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