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Blow Out

“So you got your choice. You can be crazy or dead.” – John Travolta as Jack Terry

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Urban Cowboy

“You know Bud; sometimes even a cowboy’s gotta swallow his pride to hold on to somebody he loves.” – Barry Corbin as Uncle Bob

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“Every time when you look in the mirror, you’ll see my face.” – John Travolta as Castor Troy

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Staying Alive

“Everybody uses everybody, don’t they?” – John Travolta as Tony Manero

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Saturday Night Fever

“There’s ways of killing yourself without killing yourself.” – John Travolta as Tony Manero

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The General’s Daughter

“This was one squared-away soldier. Equally prepared for a military ball or the next war in the jungle.” – John Travolta as Warrant Officer Paul Brenner

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“All we got to do is tell the story right.” – Taye Diggs as Pike

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Pulp Fiction

“If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.” – Jules

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