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A River Runs Through It

“Someday, when you’re ready you might tell our family story. Only then will you understand what happened and why.” – Robert Redford narrating

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All Is Lost

“I know that means little at this point, but I am. I tried, I think you would all agree that I tried. To be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right.” – Robert Redford as Our Man

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Three Days of the Condor

“Condor is an amateur. He’s lost, unpredictable, perhaps even sentimental. He could fool a professional. Not deliberately, but precisely because he is lost, doesn’t know what to do.” – Robert Redford as Joseph Turner

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

“Captain, in Order to build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down… And that makes enemies.” – Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce

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The Sting

The Sting (1973) Directed by George Roy Hill Written by David S. Ward Starring: Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Robert Shaw, Charles Durning, Eileen Brennan Johnny Hooker (Redford) is a young con-man in Chicago looking for payback after the death of his friend and associate. When he hooks up with a seasoned con-artist (Newman) they devise […]

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The Conspirator

One bullet killed the President. But not one man.

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Ordinary People

Ordinary People (1980) Directed by Robert Redford Starring: Timothy Hutton, Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Judd Hirsch Conrad Jarrett (Hutton) has lived through troubled times. Following the accidental death of his brother, Conrad has been trapped in the dysfunction of his family life. His supportive father (Sutherland) and his distant and resentful mother (Moore) are […]

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Out of Africa

“It’s an odd feeling, farewell. There is such envy in it. Men go off to be tested, for courage. And if we’re tested at all, it’s for patience, for doing without, for how well we can endure loneliness.”

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